Every organization receiving a grant from the France-Merrick Foundation has a responsibility to report on the use of the funds granted according to the schedule outlined in the Grant Agreement.   These reports are the Foundation’s principal means of staying informed about the organization’s project, and are the basis for determining whether the Foundation’s grants are achieving the goals they set out to achieve.  Please refer to the grant agreement letter for details on the timing of annual and final reports.

The report, which can be in any format, should include the following information:
  • Briefly describe the activities and accomplishments of this project, including the timeline and any changes in the proposed project from the original proposal.
  • What were the measurable outcomes of the project that helped define its impact?  How were they measured?  
  • Which outcomes, if any, signify the greatest learning and which, if relevant, could help inform future grant-making for the France-Merrick Foundation?
  • What are the future plans for this project?  Please describe steps taken to ensure sustainability as well as any plans for changes/expansion, both programmatically and financially.
Please also attach:
  • A final itemized project budget, including actual expenses and revenue.
  • Photos of the project, if available.  The Foundation is interested in seeing the final result of the project but does not wish for organizations to incur any cost associated with this request. 
If the grant supported a capital campaign, please include:
  • Total amount raised to date.
  • Major donors to the campaign since the France-Merrick grant was awarded.
  • Status of LEED Certification, if applicable.

Picture courtesy of the National Aquarium